Christina is the Daenerys Targaryen of cockteasing. Very extreme edging, tease 'n denial, chastity, imprisonment, intense psychological humiliation, milking, hands-free and hypnotic orgasms, electric torture, ruined orgasms, complete mummification, cock-out-only mummification, and just brilliant roleplay, bondage and edging scenarios. Find her through our redirect link or click on the photo to be taken there. See samples of her work at hashtag #GoddessTease on our Instagram @erotichabit

FantasyMP3 - professional audio erotica produced and digitally mastered by Erotic Habit. Includes BDSM topics, lesbian, POV, blowjob, spanking, pussy and body worship topics, ballbusting, jerk off instruction, erotic torture and humiliation, and offbeat topics like lesbian armpit worship. Search for promos on Instagram at hashtag #FantastyMP3 - welcome to a land where men are no longer free. They're slaves. The women are all free. And the men are their slaves. Find sample content at hashtag #SlaveBoys_EroticHabit - the goal is to see how many taboos can be placed into a single handjob, from stepdaughters jerking their stepfathers off to mother-in-laws jerking off their daughter's new husbands. And there's a lot more than plain old handjobs too. - if you like rock hard cocks in your face and you like dominant aggressive and fashionable men, check out solo art nude performer Vangod. He does some full nude and also some glory hole nude where you see no skin except the illegal skin. Some special guests on his "show" from time to time, usually as canvasses. Instagram hashtag:  #Vangod

BBpornstars - perhaps a world where women bust men's balls all day doesn't seem all too unfamiliar to you. Well, this is just a LITTLE more literal. Expect to see cumshots punched out of balls here, really hard kicks to the balls for long periods of time, and a lot of fringe hardcore content like cock biting, facesitting, armpit worship, BDSM blowjobs, and everyday archetypes like the cheerleader and bartender fucking up your cock and your testicles. Unlike most femdom videos, these usually ends with the girl in a submissive role like sucking your cock. But don't go thinking she's not still in charge. Hashtag: #BBpornstars

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SweetandDirtyGirls - all things girls. a beautiful site dedicated to the beauty, innocence and charm of women. Very mild tits out public nudity all the way to hardcore girl on girl and lots of experimentation. Instagram hashtag: #SweetandDirtyGirls

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KickingBitches - how about a CFNM ballbusting world where fashionable British girls with hard boots and heavy accents kick you as hard as they can right in your naked cock and testicles. Sound good..? Also expect some cockbiting handjobs, one guy and three women foursomes, and other British femdom services. Hashtag: #KinkyKickingBitches - welcome to a land where men are no longer men, they're bitches. Or sissies. Overlaps many of the themes of SlaveBoys but a very different style. If you're all about the physical action, this site is for you. If you want more simple but psychological action, is recommended. Our Instagram hashtag, #BitchBoys_EroticHabit

BBchicks - suburban girls in and around the Chicago area busting mainly Martin's balls in every way and shape possible. Once in awhile there's another man in the victim's seat. A lot of CFNM, NMNF, interviews, speeches, feet, high heels, sneakers, boots, grinding, trampling, boxing, football. Hashtag: #BBchicks