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About Erotic Habit

E​rotic Habit is a group of adult performers, storytellers and adult content creators, working largely in the sexual context of domination and submission. We are looking to push boundaries and take the orgasm to the next level, both in BDSM and in classic alpha M/F arousal.

As of this date, the content we create ourselves consists of two divisions: cutting edge erotic audio sold through the redirect link And ultra high resolution solo male art porn via the link Although Van's focus is solo male, he does have special guests and is looking to create theatrical ensembles in the future. Straight men can enjoy this content too.

To support our ventures, we also cross promote the content of several other production companies. For example, we promote the largest producer of erotic nude photos and videos via and we promote the coolest dominatrix-next-door video blog via

About our staff... we have interviewed hundreds of women all over the world to find the girls who bring you the erotic audio found on You just won't find real sexualized audio many other places. If you do, let us know, we don't know of any. We also contract with several intense erotic authors such as Katelyn Price, Daniella Dariana, McKayla Miller, Kristen McCale, Rosie Hilton, and Ashley Adams, many of whom also perform the audio of their own writings or improvisations on Most of our erotic text can be found on Amazon Kindle. You can't search "Erotic Habit" on Amazon and get a list of books from us since you can't search publishers on Amazon, but you will get some results that way. The best way to find our works is to check the Stories tab or search by author name in the Kindle store.

In addition to being our top model and erotic audio actress, Kristen McCale is one of our authors and she also works as our main social media personality, though we are all involved from time to time. You can often find her posting or direct messaging her submissive sluts on some social media platform, usually Instagram. Although we have dozens of social media presences, Kristen spends most of her time on Instagram these days because they have been nice enough to not delete us yet. Below is a list of some of our social media links and below that a breakdown of our production and referral content.



- audio erotica produced by Erotic Habit

- solo male porn art produced by Erotic Habit


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